Transportation and logistics services, Minsk, Belarus

Transportation and logistics services


Transportation and logistics services for the events – our specialization
The ways of transportation are known. As well as your cares. Entrust them to us.


Our aim and objective is the development and implementation of the optimal outline of freight delivery for the customer.


- No matter how difficult or nonstandard the freight or it`s itinerary seems to be, we will work out all possible options of its delivery by means of different vehicles and will offer the customer the most optimal.

- We provide “door-to-door” shipment of exhibits, TV-equipment, sport equipment, properties, art objects, concert equipment, etc.

- Our specialists will take into consideration all specificities of points of consignment and destination will prepare all the required documents, will take into account all slightest nuances, which may influence significantly the results of the cargo transportation.

- We have an experienced team and all the necessary special assets for the implementation of loading and unloading works, installation of outsized, large-size cargo and cargo, which requires special handling at the venue.

- Permanent partnership with the foreign forwarders enables us to provide a full complex of services practically in every country all over the world.