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We provide “door-to-door” shipment of exhibits, TV-equipment, sport equipment, properties, art objects, concert equipment, etc.


Freight forwarding

The professional freight forwarding to any spot of the globe calls upon our clients to be sure in full safety and on-time delivery of the frei...


Customs services

We provide full complex of custom services for the participants and organizers of the events in Belarus, as well as for the residents of Belarus...


«Vystavochnyj Ekspeditor»

The unitary enterprise “Vystavochnyj Ekspeditor” was founded in 1995, in time when the tendency of arranging business fairs, concerts, international cultural and sport events was increasing. Due to this fact the need for infallible cargo transportation began to grow up as well. “Vystavochnyj Ekspeditor” has flown into this market, following the modes of intent attitude to freights and timeliness of its delivery. This fact is highly appreciated by our customers. Long-term experience of work and partnership with the organizers of exhibitions, concerts, with international forwarding and transport companies, technical outfits, highly qualified and experienced team enables us to provide qualitative servicing of non-standard freights in Belarus and around the world, providing full range of logistic services, freight forwarding, unloading, delivery, installation, setting up of exhibits, stage equipment at the venue. The most important priorities for “Vystavochnyj Ekspeditor” :

1. Direct and informative communication with the Client

2. Accurate terms of transportation

3. Reliable partners and engagements

4. Risk minimization

5. Maximal choice of services and high quality of its implementation

The unitary enterprise “Vistavochniy Expeditor” - leading exhibition transport company

Exhibitions in Belarus:

New Year Kirmash 2017

21-30 of December 2017

Minsk Kozlova, 3



Weding Salon 2018

3 - 4 of February 2018

Minsk Pobediteley, 14



Memorial 2018

7 - 9 of February 2018

Pobediteley, 20



Education 2018

15 - 17 of February 2018

Minsk Pobediteley, 14



BelLegMash 2018

21 - 23 of February 2018

Minsk Tashkentskaya, 19



BelHouse 2018

1 - 3 of March 2018

Minsk Pobediteley, 4



Vystavochbyj Ekspeditor - full exhibition service in Belarus Minsk

Vystavochbyj Ekspeditor - full transport exhibition service in Belarus Minsk

Vystavochbyj Ekspeditor - complex of exhibition service in Belarus Minsk